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The Challenge To Teach Adults

Posted by Toni on 23rd January and posted in Uncategorized

The process of learning of the adult guideline in proposals that must be constructed throughout the education process. The adult when she meets in the pupil condition generally becomes the citizen of its proper life, being, thus the protagonist of its history. Therefore, the education model must always pautar in the maximum approach of the reality of this pupil inquiring questions, that exactly untiring, as initial proposals for the learning. The massificao of the information and the easy access to the knowledge are, therefore, the great challenge of the education. The relations between professor and adult pupil must extremely be elaborated and spontaneous. As this adult pupil possesss limitations all the actions must always search a reflection, a time that if deals with a mature person, we must internalizar the reflections contained in each being, similar of that let us can reach this longed for reflection, that is, the pupil is in this way a being that if considers imperfect tense in search of so dreamed perfection, fact important that it must be considered.

Previous knowing of the adult pupil is basic so that it learns much more fast better e. It is when one says that who better question, more perfectly is learned. This related situation closely to the qualification of the professor has been struggled very currently on the quality of education, placing. This planning of strategies in the operacionalizao of education for adults must provide to the ultraticket of the call border arriving at the madurez. It is understood for adult, the individual that makes use of wisdom to deal with adverse situations in its daily one, that is, it is when somebody is emancipated gradually and made responsible for its acts. The current studies on the education of adults induce the bigger challenges each time. To the professor he remains to harmonize the education possibilities, providing instruction to all, inquiring if it is studying always.


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