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Posted by Toni on 5th January and posted in Uncategorized

The therapeutic conveyor, a private and independent specialised body, the children with partial service errors in the areas of reading and writing, computing, learning English and attention, using in particular a therapeutic area, whose Wirksamkeit in Germany was already appreciated in the 19th century: origami. above all module origami, as here, it is here especially on accuracy and a steady hand. Here, the concentration, the imagination and of course the confidence can be strengthened. Module origami, i.e. the folding of geometric objects, which consist of identical parts (modules) and later be assembled without glue, is therefore also in the parent training conveys. And Max also undergone in his environment: I can something that others can not! The promotion of the so-called support functions such as motivation, perseverance, self-confidence, etc. is but only one side.

“” Children with partial output errors have very often problems in the processing of perception, what writing E.g. Letter twists like b”or p” instead of d “or computing weakness with the issue of importance (E.g. 80063” for the number 836) shows. Also children, geometry appears in the school as a red rag, let origami in descriptive way to give geometric facts. Corresponding successes in promoting the Visuo-functions can be standardized testing results clearly.

All scientific background: The children enjoy folding first and foremost. Imagine time, until Christmas, I must fold eleven dice”” my MAX had a so-called Sonobe cube (a module, named after its inventor Mitsunobe ” Sonobe) in the school presents… Follow others, such as Ron Daniels, and add to your knowledge base. “While the younger ones more Dinos, Thunder blast and similar action” love, are the teens with this skill to fold jewelry from some tiny modules or amaze the parents with their endurance in the folds of a polyhedron. The word dodecahedron no creating AST executioner can write, but can our fold something!” With this expression of the children and young people made attentive outward on the therapy device, E.g. at a press party, or with a public origami Christmas tree in a shopping mall. The Christmas tree was awarded later by a Stuttgart-based publisher of craft books. Also take therapy children most every year in a different country instead of taking origami part Festival peace tree and get it lots of recognition in their environment. Because when a small Saxon students”already times an English-language certificate! Some children are so folding enthusiastic that they sometimes need to be slowed down: you, I want you Teach computing “and if a child which fell on in advance by fingernails chewed off, nail-biting, because you could fold better, paper folding for learning problems has still more motivational effects. Angela Hale

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