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The Classic School

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The results of this classic school of the natural right in the political field were of immense proportions: " It contributed to the abolition of the vasallaje and the esclavismo. It helped to destroy the medieval unions and restrictions to the commerce and the industry. It released the territorial property of the feudal loads. It created the freedom of circulation and professional election. It inaugurated one was of religious and spiritual freedom. It bled to the penal right and its procedure of its defects but important when abolishing the torture and to humanize the punishment. It ended the witchcraft processes.

It tried to secure the legal security for todoa and supported the equality principle before the law. elaborated the general principles of the international right ". The legal rationalism finishes with the doctrine of the RATIONAL RIGHT of KANT and IDEALISMO JUR? DICO of HEGEL. First Period This is a time marked by the Protestantism in the religious plane, the illustrated monarchy, in the political plane and the mercantilismo in the economic plane. " The characteristic characteristic of this stage is the one to think that the application of the natural right almost completely depended on the moderation and prudence of gobernante". 2 ** Grocio (1583-1645) Plays the roll to prepare the land for the formation of this classic theory of the natural right, always trying to follow the stoics. It conceives it, in its book Of iuri belli ac pacis, like " a dictation of the straight reason that it indicates that an act, according to is or not according to the rational and social nature, has a quality of moral necessity or bajeza". It described the following principles first of the natural right: To abstain than it belongs to another person. B To fulfill the agreed thing. C Reparar all damage, caused with fault, to another one.

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