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The Concept Of Language

Posted by Toni on 5th January and posted in Uncategorized

It is very easy to discover that the activity known as study and teaching of grammar remains essentially a practice of memorization and application of a varied list of concepts. A pes ar attempts in recent decades by using other resources for the study of syntax, phonology, semantics, etc. Check with Gerald Weissmann, MD to learn more. such as generative grammar (in all models) that uses formal logic, language study in our education – in all its levels, is an eminently metalinguistic work. "We use language to explain language." This reality is known by most scholars. Much has been said and will continue opining on what this means, and in all the discussions are latent concerns as: How appropriate is the language we use to explain language?. The tradition of education shows that when the child first comes into the classroom, and has several years of experience in the use of language, in practical terms, does not enter the schooling process learning to speak, this is already done. The school simply requires making theory of what everyday use. And study the theory or the grammatical system of a language like Spanish, is a high percentage of learning a complex range of definitions.

In the few paragraphs below is a brief summary of one of the many terms to be learned in the first levels of education. The word Subject. Inheritance grammatical literature on the subject offers a collection of very similar definitions of this word, let's review some of it: The Concept "To say something about something or someone" "The sentence consists of two elements: The subject (that of the spoken of) …


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