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Posted by Toni on 17th June and posted in Uncategorized

Nowadays is called to him Romance affair , passion etc. and is the argument of not few productions of the factory of dreams in Hollywood. In nevertheless counted occasions, more consistent is the introduction of something but serious, more solid. Pitifully the pairs are few that remember that force united that them after certain time, which takes to conflicts unfailingly, malaise and in worse of the cases to the separation. By all means that, to our mother nature, apparently, does not seem to interest to him without in this way misestimating its incalculable value, by all means.

However, and if one knows beforehand, they exist average and tricks, if we can call it thus, at first sight to direct a love towards one more a conclusion happier than the delineated scenes previously. But for most important it is to concentrate, to tranquilize themselves to back leave the fights, the conflicts, the memories of the last disputes and to imagine that it is being seen its pair front. Then, it is necessary to watch what it is begun to glimpse behind or she. What was what it brought to him until there? To which it deposited it force in that place? It united them to something? And that something is not what many in their naivete call coincidence, or chance. It could have been any other person, in other circumstances. Nevertheless the reality is that she was that and now is there. He is something against which we pruned to fight? He is something against which we must fight? In the life pairs form, are fought, they separate and they become to create. The majority of the times, nevertheless we do not consider which is behind our pair and much less behind us. Perhaps a simple one watched in that direction could change the course that sometimes seems to direct itself towards a sad and irreversible outcome. By the good ours, by which they surround to us and by all the woven dreams together, in hours of tenderness and love and that seemed interminable and that they run the risk never of getting to culminate original Author and source of the article.

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