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The Meaning Of The Greek Dreams

Posted by Toni on 15th January and posted in Uncategorized

THE MEANING OF THE DREAMS BETWEEN THE GREEKS In the monumental Iliad when Zeus needs to communicate a warning to king Agamemnn at night uses to the Nstor deceased like confused him emissary i appearing between the shades, (shade between the shades) noticing to him that he is a messenger of Zeus as later arcngel Gabriel will be the messenger of Yahveh. Other times the God Hermes (Mercury of the Romans, of winged feet and volatile later reduced by the liberal pragmatists to cadet of stock-market or perhaps speculator) mediating of the dreams appears to the soante; or this can the other way around be interpreted following the Orphean lessons of and the Pythagorean ones: when sleeping, the soul flight provisorily of the tomb that is the body and can freely visit the world of the Gods as us notices Homero to it 1 Aeschylus 2, 3 Eurpides, Pndaro and Jenofonte 4. If this is truth the oniromancia it has as much prestige as the psychoanalysis since it becomes a so frightful sagrada communication when it warned catastrophes that had to swear in by means of sacrifices to the apotropsicos Gods. Eurpides makes say to the overcome queen of Troy, the Augusta Hcuba, Darknesses at night! Why each to grow dark comes to fill to me of terror? Sagrada earth, mother of whichever dreams that revolotean with black wings! 5 So that the dreams are Earth children, germinates of her like the simiente in the humidity. Aristotle compared to the dreams with the images reflected in the water: to any he distorts them movement creating ghost from a real object. In the Banquet of Plato a strange visit participates that debates between philosophers and is one of the few examples in which the Antiquity recognizes the woman an equality plane to discuss with illustrious men. Ditima thinks there that the dreams are brought about by dmones.


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