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The Orphanage

Posted by Toni on 22nd January and posted in Uncategorized

Or he was not born in this … What do you think, can feel the baby, born with severe pathology of the foot, or three fused fingers on the hand? The most amazing thing, and I must honestly say you have a baby is exactly the same charming smile on his face, as any six-month baby. He is surprisingly charming. Have you not seen how adults react to the baby, whose diagnosis of congenital blindness "? A second diagnosis is "innate deafness "? He comes to the delight and joy of excitement from a light touch to the body. Stretches his arms in the direction of an adult. A smile? It is great smiles … When people start saying "blindly" …

"dull" … In the long term – and dumb. Deaf and blind people. A feeling that with every word the doors close … How did he know the world? Only through touch! How expensive these moments of tenderness and affection for the baby, how much can give those hands good hands adult. It is worth saying that children with and with others, not less complex diagnoses are currently in the Children's Hospital 3. There is only one difference – to these children touched many hands, but no hands mom Pope, another close person. They are "still" left here, "on time". See more detailed opinions by reading what Cyrus Massoumi married offers on the topic.. More often – for good. Period of 45 days for posting in the department, as defined for follow-up care and documentation in the orphanage are not always kept.

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