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Posted by Toni on 23rd August and posted in Uncategorized

So not only the shoots are smooth with the pruning of hedge plants and thus for the conifers gently cut, but also a longer work is so much easier. Also hedge shrubs with relatively thick or hard drives can easily be cut back. Hand hedge shears are equipped partially even with other properties – starting with a branch cutter for very thick drives of the hedge shrubs about extendable handle bars up to the integrated transmission to still increase the cutting force. Akkuheckenscheren are more convenient than hand hedge shears with security for the pruning of Evergreen hedge plants, but also quite quickly reach their limits. First and foremost when hedging plants with thicker stems, battery shears have no sufficient force. Also for larger hedges with many conifers, the battery time is fast exceeded and if is then not a charged spare battery on hand, a Zwangspaus must be inserted first. As a conclusion can be that battery hedge shears rather can be used for shape cutting of small conifers, large quantities of plants can be cut with the other models but better stated so. The models in a range of 40 euro price are 200 euros, while the entry-level models are usually no real fun.

Mains-operated hedge shears are suitable also for cutting large hedges with many conifers, if you can make sure the power supply. Here come two new aspects into consideration: safety electric hedge shears with two hands can be; operated as soon as a hand let go of the handle the scissors must slow to prevent injury. This brake should work quickly and independently from the mains supply (if you cut through for example the power cord). The operation should be done only with protective glasses and protective gloves. Which is also Volume important, if it is not wants to forfeit it with his neighbors. On the conifers, there are of course also here the points that the best cut for the hedging plants of sharp blade is running.

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