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Posted by Toni on 6th May and posted in Uncategorized

Different of the moment of the dictatorship where severity imposed the definite values already; in the current conjuncture, in the same school, while professors stimulate the cooperation between pupils, others the competition; some would have aversion to the most varied violence forms, while others would be tolerant the certain violent or aggressive manifestations of the pupils or the proper professors (MENIN, 2002). A disposal to disclose the diversity of values to mesclarmos or to declare its personal incompatibility with basic principles of respect to the values and opinions of each one. Thus, with the school assuming a resume based on projects, associating always the thematic ones of ethics and human rights as references for the developed lessons and actions; we can obtain that the socially desirable principles impregnate the educational environment (ARAUJO, 2007). In such a way, exactly with as many affirmations in the moral education it does not have place for certezas, but of doubts which must be always to be argued (MENIN, 2002) FINAL CONSIDERAES The spite of as many reflections and commissions of ethics, the world still seems little ethical. In search of the politically correct one, in the current project the things do not go well and search explanations and solutions. The study it reflects that the subject ' ' tica' ' inside of the schools one became present and necessary, in order in such a way to firm values to the alunado one how much to the professors, in sight of the concerns with this new social panorama that we live of violence and incivilidades. the ethics is a subject that must be argued in all environments inside of the school. The dialogue between professors and pupils of as to teach to ethics and its reflection reveals basic for the construction of the values and the growth of this subject in the society.


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