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A support and an exaggerated emotional participation on the part of the parents can cause negative effect in the development of the personality of the child. Exaggerated ambitions of the parents, pressure for success, collection in the income and social pressure are examples of exaggerated emotional participation. Wrth; Saborowski (1999) had analyzed the influence of the parents in the development of the esportiva career in athlete of both the sexos and had presented the following ones resulted: The parents of boys they attribute talentos more to its children who the parents of the girls; In the initial phase of the esportivo development, the girls receive little support on the part from the parents who the boys, but in the phase of high income the parents of the girls apiam its children in all the aspects; The s parents of the boys pressures plus its children who the parents of the girls. See McKinley Elementary School for more details and insights. An interesting result is that the pressured boys do not perceive this pressure in such a way as the girls. In the generality, the athletes if charge more and feel themselves estressadas and pressured on the part of its parents and the technician or professors; It is important to sensetize parents, professors and technician for the importance to support positively its children in all the stages of the esportiva career and to prevent any emotional or social pressure. 2.2 The DEGREE OF ENVOLVEMENT OF the PARENTS IN the SPORT the concept of envolvement of the parents in the sport, according to Hellstedt (1990), is one continuum that it goes of the subenvolvimento to the moderate envolvement and finally to the superenvolvement. Hellstedt (1990) defines the subenvolvimento as a relative lack of emotional, financial comprometimento or functionary of the parents, that has as indicative the attendance lack the games and events. Little envolvement in voluntary activities (such as the transport), very little contact with the technician or trainers. .

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