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Posted by Toni on 7th January and posted in Uncategorized

A disease that although it is certain in his majority the women suffer, the men are not outside and in its majority a reflection of the childhood exists to begin with, being this one the point. That sensation of insecurity in the childhood they deal with not repeating, and instead of to find its average orange, one complements that them and coexists with them, find like with a magnet somebody in that to take care and to forget until they themselves. They blame to its parents by the deficiencies of its childhood, or by the abandonment in case of to be left by them in its childhood. But its responsibility as now adult people are to examine in their past to as much recognize all those defects of affection, security and validation, and to look for the way healthy to satisfy them for the Obsession by an ex- pair. When a pair relation is finished, the involved ones are with a frustration sensation not to have been able to make specific a project that seemed ideal in the beginning.

Nevertheless, there are some who do not accept this reality, clinging to the memory of the broken relation, even to the knowledge to his ex- pair in one new relation does not support it and the obsession is so great that they try to do damage to him to the new pair of his ex- ones, with verbal insults, aggressions, telephone calls and others so that they try to break that new one relation, with the thought of which " If I am not happy, they either it sern". Some times try to follow with him, even knowing that it is with the other girl, " mtame, but not me dejes". " Generally, the people who obsess themselves by their ex- pair grasp to which was his, or perhaps that never she was it; but that refuses to lose.

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