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Posted by Toni on 2nd August and posted in Uncategorized

I asked why, if that was what I wanted to do at that age, did not do so. Not I asked him why not income at age 6 to the University to study. That would have been a somewhat odd question. My concern relates to what, if that was what he liked, was not devoted to learning about the topic. Yes, perhaps there are many concepts within psychology that a 6 year old person would not understand. You could also say that a child can not play the piano because it is a complex activity.

Even so, experience tells us that the great teachers started in music at an early age. In reality, no matter if you have 6, 10 or 15 years, do wait until age 18 to learn from what you’re passionate about and gives meaning to your life? One answer I could give is that a base is necessary, and that the school delivers this base. It is true, the school can give you many skills that may help you in life and who may be required to learn what interests you. But it is not the only way to learn. A month ago, I came across a book titled the theorem of Pythagoras, a history of 4,000 years. According to your description this theorem was known in Babylonia thousand years before Pythagoras demonstrate, demonstration that is now lost.

Do you not find something strange in this description? Does the Pythagorean theorem demonstration? Of course that has it, but for me it was only a formula taught in class of geometry that I memorize because he would ask in a review. I had no idea that had a demonstration. Campbell Soup Co may not feel the same. A few seconds later I did a search in Google and among the first results appeared Wikipedia. There I found three or four different demonstrations. Because let’s be honest, everything what is being taught at school, everything contained within the school curriculum, can be found easily in other places.


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