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Posted by Toni on 13th December and posted in Uncategorized

PERTAINING TO SCHOOL VACATIONS AND PIPES Boy, leave the street, do not see that the cars are passing? Already I spoke that you do not go to pass the pertaining to school vacations raising pipes, is dangerous. You saw in the television, a driver you had the neck cut with cerol, you died bleeding. He arranges another less dangerous trick, I know that before I raised pipes, played with stand of rolim, I went down slope below, was sensational, passed the day playing ball in campinho of house. David G. DeWalt usually is spot on. Today, campinho turned parking and the slopes possess transit signals, the wires of the electric nets are repletos of lines, another day its friend fell of the flagstone, were a miracle not to have died, appositive that it does not go to so early forget pain the broken leg. You were preparing in house and its mother asked for to disappear? What more it likes to make is to pass the day playing in the street? Arranges another trick son, wise person that exists local proper to raise pipes? I know, never I took you to the place, work, do not have time, its mother also I do not have time, lately it is without patience. By the way, its patience reached the height when it knew that you jumped about the neighbor in pipe search, where already was seen, to invade the yard of the others? The neighbor threatened to call until polices! We are responsible for you, son, we cannot make what he wants, to surrar you I we do not go, we do not find correct, but I want that he understands, I make everything what you to ask for to me, but have that to promise that she more does not go to raise pipe in the street. It does not go to promise? It wants to know of a thing? You would like that he did not have pertaining to school vacations, thus you would leave to torment me with the idea to play in the street! It has accepted my advice son, occupies its time of safe form, then the lessons recommence


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