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Traditional Reading

Posted by Toni on 30th September and posted in Uncategorized

The child demonstrates clearly its capacity of abstraction and generalization, that is, the thought concrete of the child does not mean that the child is incapable of abstractions because it knows that the result gotten with a symbol is only representation of some objective concrete (NUNES, 2005). Profile of the pupils: The profile of the pupils is common, therefore in the room it was possible to notice some pupils it are of band, come of poor families, and that many times run away from the traditional standard of nuclear family, where father does not coexist the mother, or the pupils live with the grandmothers. Some responsible parents or for these children have little escolaridade, its professions generally are of house servants, guards, drivers, others live of uncertain incomes, that is, without a fixed or monthly wage. Some parents are well frequent in the school, however when if she deals with reading some help to its children already others do not have time or habit to read, nor proper they much less to read for the child or with the child, making it difficult as soon as this have the contact with the reading and consequently with the writing, being thus this responsibility to the school to offer these practical social of access to the reading world to these pupils. E, in such a way, the children finish passing most of its time in the front of the television attending programs that many times are inadequate to its etria band, playing video game or even though in the street. It enters many changes that occured in the educational system, perhaps the one that better reflects these modifications promoting the quarrel on the capacity to learn to arrest. one of the vehicles accessible to take the pupils to learn to learn is the solution of problems. Ahead of an education based on the transmission of knowledge, the solution of problems can not only construct an educational content more also, and mainly, an approach or a form to conceive the educational activities. .

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