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Posted by Toni on 26th August and posted in Uncategorized

In the research library shelves among the books are sitting comfortably, sipping tea, a translator with a group of engineers and hotly discussing the next term, saying: “And what is your opinion, a colleague?”. So, do not believe it. In this arrangement, your order instead of weeks to months translated 1,5-2. Attraction thematic expert in slightly different form is indeed possible and even common practice, but more on that later. What problems arise when translating technical texts somewhere half the total amount of work startup order is known only approximately, if any, is unknown. That is, to distribute the material as it has the appearance of the customer.

At one point, it may be that more material than in principle able to convert one person. This situation will manage only the agency, which collaborates with several specialists. In addition, quality control and synchronize the work of more than one artist should be a separate person. Freelancer is by definition powerless. Almost always the stuff of such orders, such as project documentation, is available only in paper form. For a moment, it is not about 10-20 pages, and about 300-500-x. For send them a freelancer may have to scan all.

In addition, “the fingers” to explain all of its requirements for registration and translation (a translation is not a bother, but this only such fragments) by telephone succeed. For design drawings, work with graphics or formulas need a professional layout. Available translation, they are usually available. Available freelancers, there is usually no. In some cases (depends on the subject) when translating from foreign languages into Russian translation services can offer proofreading by specialists. That is already the translation reads people professional knowledgeable in the subject order. But it paid for separately and, more importantly, increases the overall deadline for the time needed for proofreading. Deceive you, if promise all at once. Proofreading function partly run programs such as Trados. But, first, not everyone is able and willing to use them at work, and secondly, even they can not “catch” any errors or omissions which are inevitable in severe and hard work. In the translation is working a staff of proofreaders proofread every order. By no means all freelancers can conclude a contract, respectively, the fate of the order does not legally protected. In this case, mostly on the quality and timeliness of execution major technological transfer contracts are dependent on a very impressive amount.

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