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Valencia Spanish School

Posted by Toni on 28th November and posted in Uncategorized

Valencia. Students from around the world are learning Spanish in Valencia. For this reason many choose a school of Spanish in the heart of the city, recognized by the Instituto Cervantes, where not only enhance their knowledge of the language, but that also put them into practice. They have at their disposal numerous extracurricular activities updated daily in the program. Among the wide range of possibilities is the visit to the historic centre of Valencia which is done every week, until participation in festivals, not counting many other options such as the visit to cinemas, museums, conferences, beach and shops last weekend took place the visit to the Festival of San Antonio de Vilanova d Alcolea.

There were bonfires located through all the streets of the village. In this feast mayorales riders travel the town following the path of fire (what is called the matxa) with horses dressed in the typical decoration of the feast of San Antonio. As expected, the Spanish students also followed the matxa along with the rest of the population and other visitors of the Festival. Went it great, while the activity may seem dangerous, since flames and heavy smoke posed a threat. However, they were prevented, since before the parade they went opposite the village church to bless the horses and protect them, together with the participants of these risks and other existing. To conclude the event, riders gave a lap with their horses around the town square, while they received warm applause from the participants of the Festival. In this case, Spanish students were also very excited.

Responsible for the school’s Spanish Costa de Valencia, Andreas Tessmer, says: with activities so animas much students to learn Spanish. And after the party. young and not so young, people from Vilanova and foreigners and, among them, the students of the Valencia Spanish School, shared laughs and dances until the wee hours of the morning, taking advantage of the time before the bus left again towards Valencia. Because, although the party everyone loves, should not forget that they are in Valencia to learn Spanish, and since this is the main objective, they must return to their Spanish classes on Monday morning.

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