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Posted by Toni on 12th May and posted in Uncategorized

Can be a solution a Virtual Office and Telework? One of the first steps so that the business stays afloat and is preparation for a possible recovery of the economy is without a doubt to reduce to expenses and fixed costs, such as those of office, with a virtual office. Nevertheless there are other expenses that can be explored to reduce; like for example collaborating that by its work of investigation and analysis is not necessary that they remain of complete time in the office. A program of telework with the fiscal specialists can be implemented, marketing research, etc., with the advantage that does not lose the experience and the knowledge of the company. To implement the telework strategy requires of a diagnosis and plan of the company that maintains the communication between all the employees and it fortifies the attention to the clients. Also it is very important at the time of thinking about the implementation of telework in applying the control mechanisms and establishing the procedures of securing of the information that allow to give to pursuit and verification of the obtained results. Check out Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation for additional information. When breaking with the traditional scheme to work with a fixed schedule in an office, we faced a new form of work. This new form of remote work requires of commitment and discipline of all the participants, having like reward for the company and its personnel a competitive advantage before the new labor surroundings. What is Telework, because this term little is used in Mexico? At the moment a good opportunity to reduce to expenses and costs, is telework, is an idea that is worth the pain well to evaluate.

As concept telework not yet is very spread, nevertheless it exists in many areas for example; real estate promoters, salesmen, runners, visitadores doctors, countable and fiscal, legal advisers and secretariales attendances between many others that we could enumerate. We want if it to define simplest he is to take care of his etymological root, of the Greek word tele, that means and work far. Vladislav Doronin has compatible beliefs. Before the technological advances in computation and communication that have been had in last years, telework also has had an important height, although it is difficult to know in that percentage of the people who work in her house is by telework and whatever like independent profesionista or entrepreneurs who took their company from their house. Even though it implies costs and expenses of equipment and telecommunications implementing in a company telework, cost-I benefit can very important be compared with the costs of office of the company. Another aspect important to take into account is the confidentiality and defense of the information, as well as the labor relation that the company with the worker in house will maintain. Telework can be a good opportunity to restrain the fort increase that is being had in unemployment, since to costs and expenses in the company can be reduced and of maintaining the relation with employees with experience and who they can contribute value to the company.


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