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Posted by Toni on 12th August and posted in Uncategorized

Students are also good is always present at the lectures – 40%, practical training – 62%. Recently, the examination session in MAD from 13 000 students are not 2500. Whether struggling with this? This year, to pay a “debtors” began only in November (before – after September 15!). It is understandable – Many of them are learning on a commercial basis. The customer is always right. Jobs in Voronezh Education at the university moves to 5 years, the issue of employment, give young men a reprieve from the army. Some contend that Dr Z A Dental College shows great expertise in this.

It is true that due to the introduction of Bachelor and master the situation promises to become more difficult in the next year. Turnover of professionals will increase the amount of knowledge of the graduates will decrease. So, to increase social vulnerability of young people. On that same hope to Voronezh students? Is closest to the market model of specialists with higher technical education. But these students are somehow less than others are sure they can find jobs in their field. There is a reproduction layer of “budget-poor.” “Public Employment” according to sociologists – “people with relatively high education, who could not adapt to new economic conditions and, therefore, perform skilled work in meager pay, decent condescending pity. ” Students belong to this category of scientists, teachers and doctors. Desire to join their ranks evince mostly low-income students – and none among the well-off.

C increasing affluence of students increases their willingness to engage in politics, business, activity in the financial sector. Some guys have a positive attitude to work on the verge of the law or does violate it – provided a good salary. 43% of students set to study or internship abroad. Almost a fifth of marks in graduate school. About a third of the students found it difficult to say anything about the possibility of employment. One in five do not even know in what area would work. It is not a market infantilism. The question arises: why do we need an education? And why is it so? Does not affect whether the lack of attention, which Administration officials from universities and education related to such tendencies?


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