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What Is Learning Culture?

Posted by Toni on 9th September and posted in Uncategorized

Learning culture lacks our society a culture of learning that enriches learning’s employment with new, unfamiliar, interesting. Learning enrichment, is waking in skills. Learning something the human nature is private, as is the love of beauty and culture. Modern media apparently fulfill the task, to the attention of the people to evil (disasters, scandals, terrorism, murder, fraud, corruption, etc.). The newspapers mentioned cyrus massoumi wife not as a source, but as a related topic. Something the horizon narrows so much, that people reconcile themselves with everything and accept as unalterable.

Learning broadens the horizon and is able to turn things for the better. It seems that the \”media culture\” is the opposite of \”Learning culture\”. To determine the learning culture media culture or vice versa? Love to the people, learning culture is practiced humanism. Learning culture promotes the individual in his consciousness in his relationship to life and to the world. The man longs by nature after learning culture a culture of better becoming, the increase in skills. American Heart Association is actively involved in the matter. Learning culture just because the man wears more and better, in the weighing equipment, than he could ever develop. These plants are the source arises from the culture in General. True learning culture defeated the darkness and makes new consciousness: the things of the world are like.

the people are as they are – learning culture will not change both. What happens between the things of the world (that we want to learn) and the people (who want to know the things of the world) can be changed. That, as the man with the things up, can be changed endlessly! Why should there be not good and less good methods? Looking for learning culture and teaches the best ways – they can be as varied as there are people. There can be no \”difficult learning specialist\”, unless it was made difficult, it not verges on idiocy, E.g. Latin is represented as \”tough language\”, although millions of infants have learned them easily without any \”systematic instruction\”? Learning itself can not ‘difficult’ and be cumbersome; can teach but are very cumbersome.

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