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Posted by Toni on 4th October and posted in Uncategorized

The beginning of the process of evolution of it brings back to consciousness is marked with learning to Being, the didactic exercises and the readings have transported to me towards an inner trip allowing that arise my values causing the development from an intelligence of greater degree to journey the triple footpath of the espiritualidad (wisdom, love and compassion), obtaining certain levels of importance in this holographic structure of my Kosmos. This series of books has been the bibliographical base that give sustenance the posgrado one that I am attending next to a group of university professors of the institution where I toil, they have allowed me to comprise of a community of developing learning, have been important the series of experiences that we have lived together, some successful ones, others not as much, of each of them we have learned to reinforce our values like members of a community, finding felt to my functions; we have learned of the errors having increased our espiritualidad recognizing our universal nature to reach the happiness, coverall, to have the certainty that only depends on we ourself, since it arises from our heart. holista is fulfilling the intention of the education to transform and to extend brings back to consciousness personal and of the group to generate the planetary citizens who conformed the viable society holista of the 21st century, that has like development foundation the permanent learning for the life and throughout the life, with the commitment of permear in the other beings of our surroundings, educating them with the flame of the universal love and the compassionate action, so that they obtain the certainty of which our universe this interrelated one.


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