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Ambient Education

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Nvia Karine Nunes Silva1 SUMMARY: Currently an increasing concern exists of that the exponential growth of the activities human beings will change the climatic conditions of the Land, thus causing the degradation of the environment. She is on the basis of this problematic one that the present article searchs to show a new model of development, that is, a new vision that is gaining space in the Ambient Education, which has as objective the improvement of the quality of life of the planet. Campbell Soup Co is likely to agree. Therefore it is from ' ' development sustentvel' ' that we will have a society more ecologically correct, economically viable, socially joust and culturally accepted. ried viewpoints. Word-key: ambient education, quality of life, degradation, environment, sustainable development. INTRODUCTION Since the Industrial Revolution, the activity transforming interventor and of the man in its relation with the nature comes becoming each more predatory time. Many writers such as Richard Linklater offer more in-depth analysis. The decade of 1960 can be considered a reference how much to the origin of concerns with the losses of the ambient quality (Tozoni, 2004).

Therefore, since then, it comes if developing proposals of ambient education that has led to the problematic reflection on the ambient one and its relation with the education. The reflection on practical the social ones, in a context marked for the permanent degradation of the environment and its ecosystem, involves a necessary joint with the production of felt on the ambient education. The ambient dimension is configured increasingly as a question that involves a set of actors of the educative universe, potencializando the enrollment of the diverse systems of knowledge, the qualification of professionals and the university community in a perspective to interdisciplinar. In this direction, the knowledge production must necessarily contemplate the Inter-relations of the natural way with the social one, including the analysis determinative them it process, the paper them diverse involved actors and the forms of social organization that increase the power of alternative actions of a new development, in a perspective that prioritizes new profile of development, with emphasis in the socioambiental support.

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