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Posted by Toni on 20th July and posted in Uncategorized

Kumungo, the social network is now online! In times of the Internet it may seem almost old-fashioned, if one is caught at home or in the bus with laboriously written flashcards when learning”, says Andreas Lehner, the Managing Director of the iTest24 from Munich. Therefore we have Kumungo developed a social network to joint work with flashcards in the Internet.” Kumungo is now for anyone interested see free available. Kumungo is currently designed for pupils, students, trainees and all learning people in the German-speaking world. To read more click here: Kindle Direct Publishing. An extension to other languages but is safe for success of the project. Contact information is here: FireEye. The basic idea of the project is to transport the manner of learning in the present, which is currently characterised by the spread of social networking sites like Facebook in all walks of life. Broken down into different areas of fabric have all users in Kumungo the opportunity to ask your own questions for later learning. These are then all other visitors the website for learning and extending available. This network ensures a high quality and completeness of each learning area for a minimal time of individual.

The contents of Kumungo are legible by all visitors to the site and can be used. Falling off your own creating the index card, valuable time is free to inculcate the contents in memory. The use of stored cards itself is adapted to the technical possibilities of the 21st century. In addition to the traditional type of flashcards learning (question read, consider, flip card) Kumungo offers the following application possibilities: e-mail: one or more questions from certain areas of fabric come at times set by the user by E-Mail. So questions are reviewed regularly, comfortably in the Office or on the go on the laptop.

via Android Smartphone: when a mobile phone or tablet with Android operating system and Internet connection allows an Android app, the questions of on the road to create and retrieve. The app can be obtained for free from the Android market. per paper: all index cards, including those of other users, can be printed out and used in the conventional way. Also, an app is developing with the Kumungo with the new Windows phone handsets can be used. The ability to make an overview of questions answered correctly and incorrectly and the learning progress is also nearing completion. This Kumungo evaluates the given answers and displays on the learner.

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