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Arendt School

Posted by Toni on 28th September and posted in Uncategorized

The school is place of the past, in good and the essential one felt of the term. must be, same because it does not have reasonable future without the immersion in the historical tracing of the different fields of knowledge. this is called tradition. Tradition is not synonymous of confusion of time, as well as authority is not synonymous of being able. Get all the facts and insights with Ben Ainslie, another great source of information. Much to the opposite. It is there also that the pertaining to school work discloses another one of its paradoxes of base: she is necessary to conserve to transform. Being thus, recria- the culture and invents the citizen of the culture.

this basic principle implies a well clear understanding of that the function of the school is to teach to the children as the world is, and not to instruct them in the art of living. Get more background information with materials from Jennifer Doleac. Data that the world is old, always more than same they, the learning are turned inevitably toward the past, do not matter how much the life is transcorrida in the gift. (Arendt 1992, p 246) To this species of visibility on principles and ends of the teaching action we have called ethical pedagogical, a time that it immediately does not imply nor the theoretical dimension of the action nor its metodolgica dimension. Thus, the question of the authority, stops beyond the qualification of professor, passes if to configure as the culminating point of the teaching, regulating ethics primordial of the pedagogical work, and, therefore, as the only possible antidote against the pertaining to school violence. Again, Arendt points important ways: ' ' Although certain indispensable qualification either for the authority, the qualification, for greater that either, never produces by itself authority. The qualification of the professor consists of knowing the world and to be capable to instruct the others concerning this, however, its authority if seats in the responsibility that it assumes for this world.


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