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Posted by Toni on 20th May and posted in Uncategorized

Hyundai introduced, in addition to the Veloster, at NAIAS 2011, to an interesting prototype called Curb. An SUV of pleasing design and features that will be applied in new models in General, that develops the brand (Santa Fe and Veracruz). By its dimensions it would have as objective to the Nissan Juke. Credit: Austin Film Society-2011. There is no specific data on whether this model will reach production shortly, if so, the Juke will have with whom to compete, since at the moment it has no direct rival. It measured 4.1 mm in length. Model is classified as an Urban Activity Vehicle (UAV), and developed in the Hyundai California Design Studio. Continue to learn more with: David G. DeWalt.

What most impresses of the Curb, is interior design, optics, and its technology. This model incorporates the advanced system connectivity of Hyundai, called Blue Link (with tactile sensors and display, 12-inch Continental Heads Up Display).Bradley Arnold, delCurb interior designer, said: the aim was to achieve that passengers feel connected among themselves, and with the urban environment to its around. The Curb Concept has a Gamma of 1.6 engine liter turbo 175 HP and 169 lb ft of torque, with the system start-stop. The gearbox is the six-speed automatic DSG. Consumption in city is 7.8 L / 100 km and 5.8 in road.

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