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Posted by Toni on 12th August and posted in Uncategorized

Besides this constitutional reform requires two ordinary sessions and in where there is qualified majority voting in favour of the reform. Which could not be applied to the election of 2012, whereupon this discarded at this present stage of Government, then there must arrange with their related to ensure the impunity of their Government just the completion stage. Get more background information with materials from Nike. But what says about the solution of multiple social problems that afflicts the entire territory and rather begins to take measures that are designed to use force and bullets as a solution to the problem. Avoid pronounce on the root causes that have generated various conflicts, there is already feeling in the population to solve them using the force of the bullets and the death of the principal social leaders who are immersed in these, for it has called a man with experience in this type of skills as it is his Minister of the Interior who organized a paramilitary to tackle crime in the city of Trujillo. He had good results, but at the expense of people’s lives that even though they were highly ranked criminals, had judged them so that the punishment falls on the side of Justice and not by own hand of police who organized the death squads. Good in that both have much experience, especially Alan Garcia which castles at his inauguration to pass unnoticed, being under control, those who comply with orders, those who suffer the consequences of their orders; so was what happened on the island the Pediment, Santa Barbara and Lurigancho, where your express order was murdering hundreds of common and political prisoners with the aim that do not overshadow you their meeting of the Socialist International, which is now probably cranky by belong, be a fan wishful thinking of the political and economic liberalism. The most despicable is its non-recognition to the barbarism committed with native peoples that make see his contempt for our nationalities and communities, this comes as no represents us as Chief Executive, the opposite represents the transnational and his own ego and Pocket, as well as all their co-religionists or companions as is the call do so where are in the regional government. Such is the case that was sent and earned a playmate the address of a Local management unit to a teacher this as illiterate in educational administration, committing blunders unfit for a person who knows of Administration also those who accompany them have the same characters and abilities but the regional President in a burst of pride and folly seeks to make that this gentleman is continuing.

The same policy that teammate applies in freedom apply Mr Garcia nationwide, so we grab unsuspecting, is his way of seeing things, what could do to convince some in his Government sanity or to past to any pathology, so are unprotected against this threat, as it was our beloved figure of Diana Foseythe science that he wanted to protect the Government of the extinction of these primates and that precisely with the arguments which Mr. Garcia faces, they were the same that served to kill this a scientist who wanted to preserve nature.

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