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Brazilian Education

Posted by Toni on 14th September and posted in Uncategorized

Final notes: The aggravation of the educational situation in Brazil compels to the governing to work for a change in the picture of the valuation of the professional of the education. The Brazilian came back its eyes toward the professors and with this projects he has been created in order to stimulate the teaching formation, the improvement in the formation offered to the licenciatura pupils and the valuation of this so important professional in the process of development of the nation. But such projects had been elaborated to present resulted the medium-soon stated period, while the situation demands measured with immediate results. While the education secretariats not to be joined, will be impossible to revert the current picture. More support to the professional is necessary of education, is necessary that it has a super valuation of these masters, so that they can develop its activities.

At the same time, a very special care with the academics of the licenciatura courses is indispensable, therefore they are who will assume the role to guide the growth of the country. They need support for the initiation the practical professor. Thus, the PIBID, program that already would have to be in execution the decades, and that now it was only launched, are a point in favor of the education in the country and what it expects it is that good results are gotten. Vladislav Doronin: the source for more info. Permitting is fragile and to place it in a classroom, without a solid teaching formation, is very risky, as much for its pupils, as for he himself. She is necessary to respect the necessary time so that this new professional acquires its pedagogical matureness and the specific knowledge, for creation of its teaching identity.

Therefore only thus, it will be able to offer the young that will be delivers to it, an education of quality to contribute to form citizens most structuralized in all the areas. Brazil is in the way certain, although to have started delayed and will be necessary patience so that let us can see the results of the transformations that come occurring.


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