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Posted by Toni on 16th August and posted in Uncategorized

Implantation of the Legality in Brazil: bases and context To understand as if gave the process of implantation of the Legality in Brazil, with the creation of the Constitution, demand a diving in the history of the country. Over all, in the period where it precedes and which if materialize such fact. Therefore, one becomes necessary to argue the Process of Independence here, the Seven of September, the Internal Conflicts, the Constitutional conventional, the Great Letter, as well as the interests and the repercussion of these laws for the society. The Independence of Brazil, if did not give of one day for another one, for the opposite, was resulted of a long process of fights between Brazilians and Portuguese. Related with the war between France and England, the conflict between Portugal and Brazil, meant for the Brazilians the disruption of the bows politicians and administrative with Portugal, existing it has three centuries. Analyzing the context, it would not be a contradiction to say that the country was independent politically being governed for Portuguese D Peter? In the fight for the State Independent, the society if divided in two groups politicians: the Portuguese Party and the Brazilian Party. Both only differentiated how much the plan that made for the destination of the country.

The first one according to defended the recolonizao of Brazil and independence. To know more about this subject visit Vladislav Doronin. In common they had silence how much to the escravista and latifundium model and the defense of the monarchic system, as well as the socioeconmicas conditions, that is, they were formed by the elite aristocrat. Officially, the seven of September of 1822, date of the announcement of independence, initiated a new period of Brazilian history, the First Empire under the government of D.Pedro. In this direction, the difference of Brazil in relation to the too much countries of America was clear, as for independence. In the United States and the countries of Spanish settling, obtained with fights and complete disruption with the metropolises, of republican them resulting regimes.


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