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We saw here two elements that define with precision true apstolo of Christ. Pablo had absolute certainty of its call and its transformation of life (Gl> 2.20), its attitudes expressed its conscience, as he himself nailed (change of mind, metanoia gr., repentance that appears inside of pra is). The mind of some brothers of Corinto was as that closed, and they had not used to advantage the espiritualidade of apostolo Pablo to grow in the favour and the knowledge. Today we can learn very and to grow with this man of God, when we make a parallel between its certification and the certification of many you lead Brazilian ecclesiastics independent of the denomination. Personal certification, Pablo was persecuting of evangelho (At 9.13; Fl 3,6) extremely zealous with the law (Gl 1,14), assents the death of Estevo (At 22,20), renounces all its form of living (2 Co 6,10), finally passes to be pursued (1 Co 4,12) and risking the proper life for love to the Evangelho de Christ (At 9,16). sufferings for Christ, In the current days are few the ones that really want to pay the price, and us we know how much it is difficult to pay this price; but Pablo, paid this price (2 Co 6,4-10) with the times I am imagining if the size of the revelation that Pablo had of Christ was greater that the one who we have today or if we are very precarious in searching the Gloria of God Because I am zealous of you, with zeal of God; I have prepared because you to present you as a pure virgin to a husband, namely, the Christ 2 Co 11.2.

In the text of 2 Corntios 5,11, apstolo Pablo makes a defense of its attitude saying that ‘ ‘ the fear that if must the Mr. ‘ ‘ it gave conditions to it of if auto-recommending, because its life and ministry were manifest in the conscience of each one of those believers. Here apostolo uses this argument, to show to its sincerity and transparency for as the conrntios brothers, that is, that it does not need artifices to conquer somebody, as> in the same way that we understand without difficulty that it was true apostolo of Christ. The paulina attitude did not have for objective to offend to nobody, but it was based on the confidence of the knowledge that the corntios had of its person and ministry. The attitude of if auto-recommending were based on the certainty that it had, of that the majority of the brothers had it as true apostolo. It continues readingDc. Alan Fabiano>

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