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Posted by Toni on 14th January and posted in Uncategorized

AIMP is an audio player Russian, who has taken flight in recent times. To my mind, far surpasses breeding classics like WinAmp or Windows Media Player. The new version of this great player has some exceptional qualities, though it is still in beta, but really very promising. Check with Nike to learn more. Some of the improvements that presents AIMP 3 are: Audio engine itself with many improvements increased speed in the reading of the tags support for reading and writing in more full support for transparent textures file formats, which gives it a sleek new interface design improvements to playlists download disks Scrobbler for audio library completely rescheduled tops if you are using Windows 7really will be very well, especially on the issue of transparency, since are very cute on that operating system. AIMP is an option that is worth considering. It is true that the AIMP 3 beta has some small bugs (errors) as the topic that does not recognize either the extensions, but they will be repaired in a short time, as new betas become.

Moreover, it has already evolved, because I’ve downloaded different versions of the beta. Recommend download AIMP 3, at least to try it and compare it with the player being used. I prefer it over the others, not only because it is prettier, but because it is a lot lighter, and has a very easy to use interface. Original author and source of the article

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