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Cantabrian Wind Development

Posted by Toni on 31st December and posted in Uncategorized

Cantabrian wind development will be one of the axes of the current energy debate: safety, employment and environment organised by UGT next week within the framework of the summer courses at the University of Cantabria and will be closed by the general Secretary of the Union, Candido Mendez. According to UGT in press release, wind farm development in Cantabria will be dealt with on the second day of the course, next Tuesday, with a presentation by the Minister of industry and development technology of the regional government, Juan Jose Sota. His presentation will be completed with a round table in which intervene the regional head of the Union, Maria Jesus Cedrun; the President of the CEOE – Cepyme in Cantabria, Miguel onlookers; the professor at the UC and a member of the economic and Social Council (CES) Andres Prieto; and the spokesman for ecologists in action, Bernardo Garcia. The course, which will be directed by the Professor of the University of Cantabria, Antonio Dominguez and the representative of the Trade Union Jesus Torre, will be inaugurated on Monday, at 0930 hours, at the Faculty of law, by the general secretariat of the UGT in Cantabria, Maria Jesus Cedrun. It will be developed in four school days with a program that includes six papers and three round tables. The closing ceremony, scheduled on Thursday, July 15 at 1515 hours, will count with the presence of Vice President and Minister of employment and Social Welfare of the Government of Cantabria, Lola Gorostiaga, and the Secretary general of UGT, Candido Mendez. Speakers and experts according to explains the Co-Director of course, Antonio Dominguez, Professor in the Department of chemical engineering and chemistry inorganic of the University of Cantabria, the sessions will address energy policies both European, national and regional, especially wind development in Cantabria, to which are invited to contrasting experts from different fields. Speakers who will participate in the course include the President of electrical network of Spain, Luis Atienza; the MEP of the PSOE Ricardo Cuts; the Secretary general of the Federation of allied industries (FIA) of UGT, Antonio Deusa; the head of the multinational E.ON Manuel Sanchez; and the Chairperson of engineering without borders of Cantabria, Patricia Luis Alconero. The list of speakers Luis Ignacio Eguiluz, Professor of the University of Cantabria; complete with University experts and teachers and Gonzalo Molina, Professor of the University of the Basque country and head of renewable energies in the European Union. The Co-Director of the course has highlighted that the main objective is to raise a current reflection on the critical aspects that converge on the security of energy supply, in the generation of employment in the sector especially the so-called green jobs and environmental variables that directly influence energy decisions. Michael Mirones is President of the CEOE-CEPYME Cantabrian and is one of the main supporters of the development of alternative energies in Cantabria.

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