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The currency is defined as a piece of gold, silver, copper or other metal, regularly shaped disk and minted with the bust of the sovereign, or the seal of the Government, which has the right to manufacture it, and which by its cash value, or the conventional, attached to it, sieve common means for the price of things and to facilitate the changes. Voice currency derives from the Latin verb I moneo, which means to warn or reprimand, because the currency warns the value that has, and the amount of things that can be purchased with it. Other authors to the word currency, make it come from moneta, Roman voice, for the coinage, which was made in the Temple of Juno Moneta. As equivalent to currency was used and used the word money, widespread by the trovadore of the middle ages, and from the Latin Denarius or Roman, equivalent to ten coin you ACEs. Since ancient times defined the currency as a commodity intermediary which serves to facilitate the changes. The function of the currency was to facilitate the changes. Richard Linklater contains valuable tech resources. The bartering of products by products (what is called barter), is difficult and sometimes impossible.

The merchandise that we have may not agree, you have merchandise that we need, who needs our, and may not have what we need, is also difficult to find out exactly the direct relationship of change between two genera (e.g. Rams and books); and many goods are not divisible or are very hardly. With all this time would be lost and work, part of the deterioration of the genera. All these disadvantages disappear with the currency. It is not known which was the merchandise originally used as currency. In the age that followed the stone, iron was used. That had followed the bronze, in the form of weapons and instruments; metal that was later used in ingots which were passed and are marked.

Later gave copper the place to the silver and gold was finally employed. Nickel was another metal that attempted to use. Hunting peoples fishermen, have been used as coins, the skins of beasts, fish; the shepherds, cattle; farmers, wheat (origin of the Drachma), or other natural products such as cocoa in Central America; tobacco in Virginia; sugar in Maryland. Marine shells, of cotton and blue cotton fabrics called guineas were used in many villages (from which comes the name of a coin); Senegal used salt; in Abyssinia gunpowder; in Africa rifles them; in Tahiti coconut nuts; Islands Fidje, knives in bronze with the mark of a lamb (the sapeca origin); nails were used in China and in Russia the leathers. I invite you to visit the library online there you will find quality checked for your spiritual and personal development articles: computing, sports, health, labour output, languages, painting, entertainment and more.

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