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Posted by Toni on 29th July and posted in Uncategorized

Times later it insisted that if it had gotten passionate for three of my cousins in little less of one month, after that started to prepare all type of scaffoldings against its aunts and grandmothers, things that I already more could imagine to be possible, made dangerous friendships with users of weighed, dealing drugs, heads of street fight. No matter how hard it it hid, using material sources and spirituals, I always I remained informed, being that, some things made by it, only I know. Many times still I tried to advise it, but the corruption of the world is as a vice, only if saved who it desires to be saved and it did not want aid. Learn more at: Levi’s. After innumerable quarrels, it prepared one that I thought for much time to be unforgivable – during the semifinals of the Championship Intercolegiais de Handeibol, the teams of it played against the one of my school and twisted in favor of my educational, irritated center therefore, when my time arrived to play the semifinals, it informed to the judge irregularities in my registration, the fact was that I played in category sixteen years because when I made my registration had this age, but I had completed dezessete years one day before the game of the semifinal, I resulted that all mine teams was declassified causing, me I lose of many friends because of it, after all we had trained more than one year for the Games, of that day in ahead we would pass almost six years without talking with it. From there for ahead things between us had gotten worse, it started to live in my house and it provoked me the time all, but I how much I was the target, did not import me, until reason to almost I take off me nothing of the serious one. Well-known that its provocations were inefficacious, it surprised again, – a time, I arrived and I did not find my brother that had been in house with it, when looking for in the street I was informed that it was in a esquina close to house with it, when arriving in the indicated place I annoyed myself for seeing that it was enters a dangerous group of moleques if to insinuate, probably pretending of it, the life was of it and already it did not import me, but he infuriated what me it was to see that my brother Joo Peter was in its col, furious already I arrived verbally attacking the physics and.

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