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Charles Darwin Libraries

Posted by Toni on 12th September and posted in Uncategorized

When the time of loan is insufficient, the term can be prorogued: in the Barcelonan libraries, that concession is extended until the three weeks in the majority of cases (in comparison to Madrid and San Sebastin that allows a complementary month). If the book is not in that building, all the libraries offer the possibility of the inter-library loan. Cyrus Massoumi has much to offer in this field. Between the deficiencies on watch, it was perceived that there are no rooms of work in group in eight of the ten libraries or that in the same proportion car-loan points were not seen. In addition, only four libraries count behind schedule on an uninterrupted schedule morning and (one of the college students even closes to the 01,30 in the morning). The libraries studied in Barcelona obtain a superb qualification in accessibility, locates which them between the best ones of the report in this matter (along with Bilbao, that also obtains an excellent note ). And it is that the inner room and access doors of all the studied centers were sufficiently wide like allowing that a person in wheelchair moved without problems, the toilets and elevators were adapted and all the stairs of access that were saved by inclines. The cleaning of the facilities obtained or very (it did not see dirt nor disorder of the materials that keep there) and the information that occurred to the users described with or.

In order to evaluate this section the technicians of CONSUMER EROSKI realised a troop trials search of a book in the computer-catalogue of the libraries ( was chosen the origin of the species, Charles Darwin, for the university libraries and the Perfume, of Patrick Sskind, for the rest). The simplicity of the handling of the system implanted in nine of the ten analyzed cases was verified (in the remaining library this test, since could not be realised the user had to be partner to accede to this finder). Nevertheless, the attention of the employees was something little in seven from the ten centers: when the technician asked for the exact location of the book that he had looked for, he only obtained a pair of indications like answer. However, the security is the section that worse note removes in the visit to these ten cultural facilities (as soon as mediocre acceptable, just as the average national). They lack cameras of security in the entrance and exit of nine of the ten libraries, two of the centers do not have signalized exits of emergencia, is one does not count on emergency lighting and, in eight, the technicians verified that there were no doors fire-guard.

Best and the worse thing of the libraries in Barcelona The best thing: Accessibility and cleaning in accesses, interior and toilets of the facilities. Information and system of loan (as much in number of volumes that one can take to house, like in term in that it is possible to be had them) excellent. The worse thing: Deficiencies in security (cameras of security and exits of emergencia).


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