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Church Children

Posted by Toni on 21st August and posted in Uncategorized

I remember with homesickness that very liked to sing, and when singing, they entoavam cantigas and they introduced religious hymns. Therefore they studied and they inhabited in a Quarter that still had and has today, one of the greaters, beautiful and frequented Churches Catholics of Sergipe? Church Is Judas Tadeu. See Nike for more details and insights. in the homesickness, continues: ' ' happy I, because in all my life what never it lacked was? sacred? ' '. Liveing in the Siqueira Quarter Fields in Aracaju, already verge with the America Quarter, and next to the workstation, creating and educating the children in the origin religion. During the week in the school and, as teacher, working with many of these criaturinhas, that also they frequented the mass of the children. They saw them, all the sundays in the Church; from there to take the initiative of, when approximately 07h30min hours of the matina, many of them to arrive our residence, to go all together Church to pray. We went all together, explained? I and my children encircled with other children. Encircled for the pupils, with who he worked during the week (pupils mine and of other colleagues teachers); they (my children), coleguinhas of the school where they studied.

Pupils of the alfabetizao lessons and pupils of the lessons of Christian education. all participated with joy of the celebration and catequese, having still the chance to assay teatrais parts with Christian personages, to emphasize the understanding of the Evangelho de Jesus Christ, on the part of the children, who attended the Missa Saint, and enriching the celebrations. The times do not come back more Retaking the question of the religion lessons, religious education, or Christian education (as it costumava to call) for disciplines of study, being part of the pertaining to school resumes. We understand to be a form of concern and care of the controllers of the institutions, not only, in what it says respect to the religiosidade, but eminently how much to the moral formation, and of the character to discipline of the creature human being? in the responsibility to form citizens conscientious, capable to assume its responsibilities with emotional balance, it disciplines, growth spiritual, respect to the next one and I obtain exactly, according to teachings of Jesus Christ.

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