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Cigarette Smoking And Health

Posted by Toni on 2nd August and posted in Uncategorized

The life expectancy of a smoker is increasing while more early it stops smoking, are studies in which evidence that if it stops smoking before the 40 years would increase to 9 years, whereas if it stops smoking before the 60 years it would increase to 3 years. Also one has been in the recent investigations realised on the tobacco, by a medical surgeon Regina Youngest child in the EE.UU that only exhibition to the smoke of the cigarette cause of damage immediate to the cells, inflaming to weaves so that it can take to serious diseases and to the death. Also they report that each exhibition to the tobacco, or to smoke occasional or passive smoker, can damage the DNA and to produce cancer. Near 40 million Americans they smoke (20% of the adults and adolescents majors). The tobacco kills more than 443,000 to the year, says the report of 700 pages, written with the collaboration of 64 experts. The tobacco is main factor of cancer risk, 90% of the lung cancers the tobacco and 50% of the bladder cancers are caused by.

80% of the victims of smaller infarct to the myocardium of 45 years are smokers. The young smokers have a pulmonary capacity diminished and a greater incidence of respiratory infections. Between 80,000 and 100,000 young people worldwide they become addict to the tobacco every day. The costs of smoking cigarettes of the country more than 193 billion dollars to the year in costs of medical attention and loss of productivity. According to this investigations the cigarettes are so addictive because they are designed to offer the nicotine more quickly and more efficiently than cigarettes of decades ago. Only a cigarette contains chemical compound that arrives direct at the blood and goes by all the organism doing it prone to develop innumerable diseases.

The persistence in the consumption occurs because the smoker develops a physical and psychological dependency. The nicotine is a highly addictive substance, because after a brief period of consumption, the organism it adapts to the substance and it needs high doses more and more. On the other hand, the psychological dependency occurs by several factors: to smoke is associated with a pleasant sensation caused by the physical effects of the substances. In addition, like any other repeated behavior, the conduct is automated and the act becomes part from the daily life. The smokers deberian to take brings back to consciousness and to decide to stop smoking, for it they could lean in forms to persuade stress (exercise, relaxation techniques) also exist natural products like the Dr.Relax-Pro.Tambien Antioxiblend-Pro podria to help to the smokers reducing the free radicals that damage the cells. It remembers by its health and the one of its family and friendly!

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