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Its transmission can be of direct form (person the person) or indirect (person, object and person) being that the main form of transmission is indirect for exposition the infectados objects. The establishment of the diagnosis is based on clinical aspects pathological presented, being that the laboratorial examination is summarily considerable for disgnostic confirmation. On the basis of the confirmation of the gripal syndrome, must be operacionalizada the therapeutical action specifies preferential for the situation, being used the medicamentoso treatment with tamiflu. The prophylactic measures preferential consist of the immunization others include hygienic cleaning of the hands and to prevent contacts with the mucosae after ocular, verbal and nasal contacts with surfaces. The interventions of nursing consist of the elaboration of assistenciais plans and education in health with orientation of the population concerning the peculiarities of the disease, with the intensification of prophylactic measures; it precociously acts in the identification of people attacks, as well as identification of endemic areas; it acts in the handling of the ill patient, and in the process of whitewashing of the health.

One concludes that the present research possesss great relevance for the knowledge of the performance of the professional of nursing on the new subtype of the Influenza, that comes if spreading of significant form in the whole world, demanding of the health professionals capacity to act front to this pandemic. REFERENCES BRAZIL. Health department. Influenza (H1N1). By the same author: Gerald Weissmann, MD. Available in: 2010. Access in 17 of April of 2010.

BRAZIL. Health department. Influenza (H1N1): questions and answers. 2009. Available in: . Access in 17 of April of 2010. BRAZIL. Health department. Influenza (H1N1): Protocol of procedures. 2009. Available in: .

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