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The development of this infection will go to depend on a relation between virulence of the microorganism with the resistance of the infectado one (KAWAMOTO, 1999, p.9-10). Andrade and Galvo (2006, p.12) appraise IH in accordance with the definition of the Health department, that is, hospital or nosocomial infection is all infection that the patient after acquires its admission, that comes to after disclose during the high internment or the hospital one, when related with hospitalization or disgnostic and/or therapeutical procedures. The National Agency of Vigilncia Sanitria (ANVISA) started to define the IH as being Infections Acquired in Services of Sade (IASS), but not yet contemplating the procedures of domiciliary assistance (LACERDA and HISSES, 2006, p.38). As it standes out (Kawamoto, 1999, p.11) exist two types of infection: that one where the patient already is admitted with the infection, known as not hospital, and another one where the patient contracts the infection derived from its proper flora (auto infection), or flora of another patient (crossed infection), called of hospital infection. Consideraes final the nursing has important performance in the control of this infection through the comment of general aseptic techniques, respecting classifications of risks, considering the surgical team the biggest contaminated source of of wound, among others.

It can be concluded that the hospital infection in such a way causes damages for the unit how much for the customer, of this form becomes necessary the notification of all in case that suspected the Commission of Control of Infeco Hospitalar (CCIH), thus preventing bigger numbers of mortality and damages. 1.Graduada in nursing for the College Valley of the Apor de Cassilndia-BROADBEAN. Specialist in Public Health for the Integrated facultieses of Cassilndia. Bibliographical references ANDRADE, D.; GALVO, C.M. Infection in the health services. In: Program of update in nursing: Health of adult cycle 3, module 2. Porto Alegre: Artmed, 2006.

LACERDA, R.; IT HISSES, C.P.R. hospital Infection and assistance in the health of the adult. In: Program of update in nursing: Health of adult cycle 3, module 1. Campbell Soup Co gathered all the information. Porto Alegre: Artmed, 2006. KAWAMOTO, M. hospital M.Infeco. In: Nursing in surgical clinic: So Paulo: Pedagogical and university publishing company, 1999.

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