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I have asked students then among other things her and me then asked whether there is anything new for her. Among other things through such discussions I did it in my opinion, a very positive and informal contact with most of the pupils and students to build and also maintain. In these discussions but also often educational or extracurricular also issues, concerns and needs of pupils and students have become the first time present me. This then gave me the opportunity to be able to offer my help to those affected and, if necessary, but also can act accordingly. For the preparation of the under 2.1 of above social training with the 6th grade, such conversations and observations, which are made possible me by accompanying the class such as their cinema trip, were very important. I was so very much better assess the situation in the class and understand. This gave me the ability to customize my methods and content for the project to the class and their own problems. Also during visits of the two 9 classes of our school in the vocational information center of the employment agency and an external carrier application training, I have accompanied the classes.

The above advantages, these situations offered me the opportunity to bring my support and services in the field of vocational orientation and the application help students and once again to draw attention to them. Further, I have described the aid for promoting personality development in Chapter 5.1. as one of the tasks of school social work. In the practical work at the Community College I have these AIDS to the Example in the context of social training for the 6th class even offered. The training should positively influence the social competence of the pupils and students and promote. Also I wanted to stimulate the students with social practice and the me related methods to think about some of their behaviors.

I have done classes also an assertion – or application training in preparation for upcoming interviews with individual pupils of 9. All of these offers were described personality development of students. Furthermore, I have offered a cooking class in the open all day during my internship. In determining the lunch breaks for students participated actively. So I have for example regularly spent time with students or students on the table or playing cards. Also, I have often opened the computer room for free work and the pupils and Students in their work supports and supervises the use of the equipment. Here another task of the school social work from Chapter 5.1. finds himself, namely the provision of recreational-educational activities and the shaping of the open day. A target of school social work is the support of pupils and students in crisis situations of different kinds. Here too, I can describe practical experience that would fall under this point. So I have during the internship often had students in discussions and advise, which suffered from crises in the family environment, in the circle of friends, or in school or have. In 6th grade, where I conducted the social training, there were some pupils and students who regularly have taken my talk and offers of help in crisis situations throughout. As a further task of school social work, I have the Vernet

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