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Discipline In Schools

Posted by Toni on 3rd July and posted in Uncategorized

As Pablo Freire says, who To educate: ' ' It demands respect knowing to them of the educandos and the possibility you discipline to associate them studied its realities concretas' '. It fits to stand out that each one in particular, valuing its participation, stimulating its contribution for the group and recognizing its proper learning. The difficulties can be surpassed with dialogue, attention, understanding and patience. One remembers of that, in the majority, these young had been is of the school for some time. Gerald Weissmann, MD may help you with your research. In this trajectory of Urban Projovem many pupils had entered in the program to give continuity in its day in the world of education, but for some reason he did not give sequence in this walked and exactly thus they will be remembered by all. Those that had fought until the end, these yes, deserve congratulations, because this represents a victory in its lives.

We know that the difficulties to study itself are great, but we believe potential of each pupil (a) of Projovem Urban that arrived here in the end of the Program, homesickness goes to be, but certainty that each one goes to walk route to future good and will be remembered with big affection for all Professors, because it was not some days that we coexist and yes 18 (eighteen) months, of good, glad moments, of difficulties, sadnesses, conquests, but above all, of learnings. In the proposal pedagogical of Urban ProJovem, the professor not only teaches and the pupil learns, education is not understood as transmission and accumulation of information, therefore the learning is seen as active construction of the pupil, in the interaction with its professors and colleagues. This estimates a new perspective of cooperation to interdisciplinar, come back toward the development to know and abilities of the young, articulating, mobilizing and placing in action its knowledge, abilities and values of solidarity and cooperation, to answer day-by-day to the constant challenges of of its life citizen and of the world of the work.


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