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Posted by Toni on 11th May and posted in Uncategorized

I see the world as poetry …. It is as if I were that. I see my life, the Kosmos in perfect harmony. I believe that this was another big change in me and that has surprised even me. "It is these verses that come from within as if he had someone else to send them? Why all the same that lived, now live with color and harmony? … -Inner magic ….

I answer, … is the spirit that speaks …. Could it be that has been born? Or could it be that without knowing, there always has been? poets say that it is called divine inspiration but now we one, could it be that we are all the same poem? "It happens that when there are these lines, it is as if all I breathed, I expand. If not yet to name, but is a delight to experience. It is as if I connect with the breathing of the Kosmos, a thing that I have is that I feel connected to everything, not as theory, is an experience and this makes me very happy.

Another point that I was very light, which confirmed what we learned, was the form of eco-education. Now not only understand but my vision has changed, when I resolve a situation or something comes to me to be resolved, there is always that everything is connected and it changes my focus, I can not see things in a linear fashion, this position seems incomplete. If you ask me what was achieved with me, I think there was a "synergy" where the whole is greater than the parts.


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