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Posted by Toni on 1st December and posted in Uncategorized

Valencia. To read more click here: Gerald Weissmann, MD. The growth of interest in learning Spanish as a foreign language, meaningful for the past decade, did not go in parallel with the expansion of a specific education to prepare qualified teachers. Faculty of Philology, Translation, teacher training schools, etc. not have in their curricula specific program focusing on teacher training ELE. Those who want to direct their education toward training Foreigners Spanish language, have at their disposal only courses offered by various institutions, such as, for example, the Cervantes Institute or its network of accredited centers. Costa de Valencia, Spanish language school, as center, accredited by the Cervantes Institute, seeing the success enjoyed by the proposed courses during the school year, she decided to add one of these practical courses in their continuing training plan for workers. The course will be held in the first week of February and will include specific workshops in the morning and practical classes in the evening.

Seminars will be conducted by certified instructors Costa de Valencia, Spanish language school with a rich experience both in teaching and in training new teachers. At the seminars will be affected by all the difficult topics that teachers may encounter in the classroom: how to approach the cultural component of what to do to increase pupils' activity, what are the most difficult points of grammar for foreigners and how to explain them in class, etc. Pupils will be able to check on the experiences learned in the evening, carrying out this practice with our students Spanish. The aim of the practical course is, above all, offer participants the basic skills to develop a method of teaching Spanish as a foreign language, with a very practical approach and review various pedagogical methods and techniques for the development of teaching the lessons of Spanish as a foreign language. The course is designed for teachers of Spanish for foreigners who want to broaden their education, whether or not they are Spaniards, as well as for Spanish undergraduates philology and recently graduated from college. Participants of the Courses for Spanish teachers have the opportunity to implement this practice in the school. Thanks to growing demand, this hands-on course ELE offers up to five times a year, with Next entry fee – at the beginning of February.

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