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ARTICLE INCLUSION PROCESS AUTHOR: Ivanilde Lopes de Oliveira, academic, 3 period of Pedagogia in the Uniube (University of Uberaba). INTRODUCTION INCLUSION PROCESS The differences that exist between the people are important for the social growth and the constitution of the human being. It is possible to transform the things, the people and the world through the education. In this article we will go to reflect a little on the education, school and its daily one. We have many experiences in the classroom. We cross for victories and defeats, profits, adversities and in the same way many conquests.

Our ideas and truths are not absolute, because we are not owners of the truth. We have the precision of reaprender constantly, through our individual actions or in group. It is excellent to understand the pertaining to school institution and its relations with the social reality, having in sight the politics and the actions that they search to assure an education of quality for all. The education politics must be recognized as a iderio to be constructed for the conquest of better pedagogical quality. diversity human being must be understood with a wealth in the daily one of the schools, far from if be understood as differences that friction and estigmatizam the pupils. DEVELOPMENT DIVERSITY HUMAN BEING AND ITS INFLUENCES IN THE EDUCATION The human beings are sociable and need convivncia in group, for its growth and development. The diversity is not opposing to the equality. The inaquality socially constructed opposes to the equality, therefore it assumes that some deserve less than the others. Religious, cultural physical, cognitivas, ethical the differences, of sort, between the pupils must be respected. The inclusion is not only materialized through the insertion of the deficient children in the regular context of education, but of all the children of more complete and systematic form.


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