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Educational Books And Music Before Birth And After

Posted by Toni on 5th February and posted in Uncategorized

Have you ever thought about what the different sounds around us before we were born on this earth? But this is so, and each of us still in the womb, I heard the sound of my mother's heart, the voices of people around and, of course, music. Now we hardly remember what it was music. But there are studies showing that a small child calms down, if you hear music that is familiar to him even before birth. Therefore, the idea of creating music for pregnant women. This music soothes and creates a good mood, not only my mother but also to the future child.

Music for pregnant women may be in the future of this magic wand that can soothe a crying child and return him to a sense of security that he experienced in the womb. In addition, the music for pregnant women helps to create a child's ear for music. It is best suited for this specially selected music – children's music, songs for children and classical music. (Similarly see: David G. DeWalt). Children's music helps expectant parents to tune in to the perception of the world through the eyes of a child, classical music reminds of eternal values, it is no wonder it is considered classics. Checking article sources yields FireEye Inc as a relevant resource throughout. The child has formed an innate ability to perceive the beautiful sounds and music, expressing a great attitude to the peace and love.

Also useful may be music for relaxation, for example, sounds of nature or music for meditation. This choice is good by the fact that classical music and songs for children as well as the sounds of nature can be happy to listen and then with the children. In psychology, there is the concept of "anchor". It sounds, images or sensations, which are strongly associated with us to some event and then can call it from memory, a bright picture or sensation. That's how music works for pregnant women, each time after returning to the wonderful and exciting pregnancy. About this kind of music can definitely say that this is music for mothers or children's music. More precisely, it can be described as music for the soul. Music for the soul can be not only relaxing, it can invigorate, waft pleasant memories and even exciting. As well as filling the house with freshness of a mountain stream and the trills of birds, even if you're not far from downtown. A child, for the harmonious development is absolutely necessary developer of music, which also includes classical music for children, songs and tunes from your favorite cartoons and fairy tales. Clear melodies and rhythms, simple arrangements give the child a state of harmony and develop sense of beauty. This kind of music you can listen right from birth and long before him. A child has grown up with would be happy to listen to audiobooks. However, with regard to audiobooks, I can give you an example of our family – loved tales of the eldest son became the favorite for the younger, and they began to listen to it before birth. In addition, developing children's books are an excellent source of knowledge about the world around them very convenient to listen to, for example, making with children riding in the car. Then the passionate story tales or stories the children hear and you can safely drive a car. And this is not the only example of ease of use of audiobooks, which are well developed in children creative thinking and memory.


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