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(PROENA 1997, p 05). So that the motor abilities are extended are imperative that if it gives to the child property to play them. Putting into motion itself is of great biological, psychological, social value and cultural, a time that, is through the performance of the movements that the people interact with the environment, becoming related with the others, perceiving on itself, its limits, abilities and deciding difficulties. 3,2 CORPORAL CONSCIENCE the term ‘ ‘ project corporal’ ‘ it was created by the English neurologist Henry Head in 1911, is about a permanent reference that allows to construct a postural model of we ourselves.

(LE BOULCH, 1986 and PINK GRANDSON, 2002). As Wallon (1968) Apud Meur (1989), ‘ ‘ project corporal’ ‘ it is a basic element in the formation of the personality of the child. It is the global and differentiated representation that the child has of its proper body. The notion of the body in a psicomotora comment results of the sinestsica tactile organization, vestibular contest and proprioceptiva. It can be assigned as: ‘ ‘ project postural’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ project corporal’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ image of si’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ somatopsiquico’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ image of I corporal’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ image of corpo’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ space image of corpo’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ image of ours corpo’ ‘ among others. (MEUR, 1989). The child using the body as equipment for the action uses three responsible systems for the development of the corporal project, the interoceptivo, the proprioceptivo and the exteroceptivo. Its relation with the way, objects and people allows it to know the parts of its body. (VELASCO, 1996) For VAYER (1989), relation exists enters the evolution of the corporal project (conscience and control of the proper body, independence would segment, independence right-left) and certain manifestations of intelligence (verbal and graphical expression, capacities of percipient attention, orientation and organization in the space).


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