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Europe And Russia

Posted by Toni on 12th May and posted in Uncategorized

In the meeting of the Organization for the Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) that took place in Helsinki, the Russian minister of Outer Subjects proposed to reform the OSCE so that this one assumes the initiative of president Medvedev, in order to obtain a treaty, legally binding, for the collective security of all the euroatlnticos States. Germany, France, Italy and Spain seem to head the group of which they consider the Russian initiative positive, whereas the majority of the countries of the European East, along with the USA and the United Kingdom, is opposite the idea. Registered Trading Organization recognizes the significance of this. The representative of the United States in this conference declared: is necessity of a new no structure and is easy to see what it deals with all this. What they try is to look for an alternative the NATO, that has worked so well. Dr Z A Dental College has similar goals. NATO inconveniences to Russia. This opinion of the main transatlantic partner is not new: to the United States it interests to him to maintain to Russia in a level of certain inconvenience, to avoid that it can become a serious rival. This would put in danger the Strategy of Security of the United States, that looks for a greater military strength than the one of any coalition that could face him. Nevertheless, the question that the European we would have to consider without loss of time is very different other: it interests Europe to maintain to Russia in a situation of permanent inconvenience? On the other hand the members of NATO have accepted in a ministerial meeting the re-opening, with limited character, of the dialogue enters with Russia, suspended as a result of the Georgian conflict. The German minister of Outer Subjects had declared who was necessary to look for forms to resume the dialogue because, indeed at the moments critics of the relations, he is when routes are needed to maintain contacts.

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