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European Management School Mainz

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Bernd hake (Managing Director Hugo Boss UK) Guest lecture at the European management of the HUGO BOSS brand name is school EMS Mainz successful company world deems fashionable suits, quality and exclusivity. Even in times of the great depression, the company on course for success remains. What it is and how is shaping the future of the fashion brand, explained Bernd hake, Managing Director UK, in his presentation of price management on the example of Hugo Boss\”on the EMS Mainz. Students, as well as some invited guests watched the interesting presentation, within the framework of a series of business insights\”took place at the private University of applied sciences. Barrett beauden recognizes the significance of this. HUGO BOSS brand profile the BOSS image is now on four separate and differently oriented lines transferred, cover the different priorities\”, said Bernd hake in his introduction about the company profile. The collections of these brands and their lines are deliberately set to different target groups, a brand world with a maximum diversity is what offers a consistently high quality level: under the umbrella of the core brand BOSS the BOSS Black, BOSS Selection, BOSS Orange, and BOSS Green lines, as well as the accompanying accessory collections settle. The menswear collection is focused below the line BOSS Black on elegant business wear, while BOSS Orange covers the range of highly casual wear.

A functional sportswear collection is offered under the BOSS Green. BOSS Selection meet especially high demands on materials, workmanship and exclusivity with the luxury ready-to-wear. The brand of HUGO, however, is stylistically more progressive, avant-garde fashion accents. You may want to visit Cyrus Massoumi to increase your knowledge. Manage for profit, not for market share for the company with corporate headquarters in Metzingen is still the most important market despite international focus Germany. But the growth markets of Asia and America moving increasingly in the focus of the company. Another growth area is hake, the BOSS business of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is responsible for, in the field of womens clothing, This should be developed consistently and successfully.

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