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Posted by Toni on 16th September and posted in Uncategorized

Such questions could be contemplated in the elaboration of this article, that certainly will find a new way to reorient its practical pedagogical: how the playful process influences in the learning of the children in the alfabetizao? ; Which the difficulties found for the professor ahead of the use of the games in each classroom? ; Which the benefits of the playful activities in a traditional school? This research has as objective generality, to reflect importance of the pedagogical practical ludicidade in as the facilitador one of education, learning of the pupil in the alfabetizao and, as objective specific, to identify and to analyze the existing necessities inside of the school to implant the culture of the playful one; to ahead recognize the difficulties found for the professor of the use of the games in classroom e; to point the benefits of the playful activities in a traditional school. Games, toys tricks must be part of the routine of the child and of its dumb, to work the ludicidade does not mean that the educator will go to leave to apply the contents that must be presented the children, therefore the playful activities is important for the development of the knowledge, making possible more good perception of the imagination of the fancy and the directions. Through playful activities the child starts to have knowledge and of the other integrally establishing social relations constructing knowledge and developing themselves. UNC Media Hub takes a slightly different approach. She is through playing that the child explores a variety of new experiences and diverse situations in diverse intentions. It is by means of the infancy that the child searchs the satisfaction of its interests, necessities and desire, being a privileged form of insertion in the reality, of this form the child discloses the way as it commands, organize, it constructs, it disorganizes and it reconstructs its space. In the pedagogical process the content can be taught by intermediary of playful activities allowing that the child has global development, exploring its discoveries and conquests through the creativity, thus the child can express analyze, criticize and transform the reality.


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