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Family Relations

Posted by Toni on 18th May and posted in Uncategorized

The RELATION FAMILY X SCHOOL IN the Regal ADOLESCENCE Sherley Bridge You would make Graduated Full Licenciatura in History for the University Valley of the Acara? CE? Campus of Mother of the River? Par Postgraduate in Psicopedagogia for the UNASP? UNB? FAAMA – Par Teacher of the School Adventista de Paragominas, since 2000, Baby-25@ Summary: We live at a time where the values are being invested and more than what never to family and necessary school if to join to educate children if to become critical and pensantes citizens. In this process, the adolescent meets who suffers for not reaching the waited success, presenting difficulties in the learning. The relations: family and the school must be narrowed, therefore it is not of today that if it speaks that the schools must be an extension of the home and therefore, understands that the pertaining to school income of the pupil is on to its familiar relations. The school has this responsibility and psicopedagogo must act ahead of preventive form of the alarming number of adolescent children/with problems of learning other problems. In the pertaining to school institutions the psicopedagogica intervention each time more gains its space. This article was born of the concern, in what it says respect to the difficulty in the harmonic development of the abilities and abilities of the adolescents. Having as objective to make the boarding on the importance of the relation family x school and the performance of psicopedagogo.

Words key: family, school, difficulties of learning. Abstract: We live in an epoch which the values ploughs being reversed and lives than to ever, families and schools must eats to together you educate children you become citizens and critical thinkers. In this process, is to teenager who suffers from not achieving the expected success, presenting difficulties in learning. Family-school relationships should be narrowed, because it is spoken today that schools should be an extension of the home and therefore means that school achievement is linked you their family relationships.

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