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Fate Presents EducaLine Mates And Its System Of Distribution Of Digital Content For Schools In The I Jornadas Matematicas De La

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educaLine, a provider of educational products and services based on ICT, presents Destiny Mates, an innovative interactive multimedia curriculum for learning mathematics at school and at home, at the destination First Meeting of Mathematics Logrono held at the 20th and 21st of this month, and that are aimed at teachers of nursery, traveling primary and secondary education. Bi-annual, the conferences are geared to ‘facilitate the updating of teachers of Mathematics, disseminate current mathematical thinking tourist board and teaching and learning of mathematics. ‘Promote the development of research on the sightseeing didactics and methodology of mathematics and its application adventure travel to teaching practice. ‘Serve as a connection between math teachers to exchange ideas and experiences. On Saturday, November 21st, Dr. Guillermina Marcos, head of the localization scientific ‘Mates Destination mathematics for Spain, to present the curriculum of Mathematics, for Elementary and Secondary Education, Destination Mates: that is, educational design, modes of use in the classroom, at home, individually, collaborative work, etc.. educaLine recently signed an agreement with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Learning Technology to locate and distribute, exclusive to Spain, among other matters, Destiny Mates, a comprehensive curriculum of attractions Mathematics for Primary and Secondary, with a high level of interactivity and motivation for the student, based on animations and real contexts, which is currently used in thousands of schools visitor throughout the world. In parallel, educaLine has launched a new ASP distribution model (via Internet), to bring Destiny Mates to Spanish households and schools (available 24 / 7 brochures through Advantages of ASP distribution model ‘low travel investment costs and implementation management. ‘Access 24 / 7 from anywhere that has Internet. ‘It allows different visitors models of teaching / learning: classes, home and distance sights learning and independent study. ‘Flexibility to adapt to the growing and changing number of students. ‘Availability and quality of service guaranteed by educaLine. About educaLine educaline offers educational products and services based on ICT and, as specialist suppliers, develops and manages e-learning projects for organizations, educational institutions, companies or bureau professionals. The working areas are educaLine: The educaLine working areas are: School attraction 2.0: educational products and services based on ICT Led travel guide mainly to educational institutions and parents, their products and services based on ICT arise from current trends in Education, curriculum content to be tourist information digitized. Therefore, it visiting offers high-quality multimedia content aimed at addressing the new realities of our country school: bilingual ism, diversity and integration, school turist enrichment, high capability … Projects comprehensive e-learning organizations in corporate, educational and institutional training places to visit needs can be met through their comprehensive plans for e-learning. About sightseeing attractions Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company The Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing, the leading U.S. educational publishing sector, and the school eLearning world’s largest publisher of educational materials for nursery, primary and secondary education. The publisher offers a comprehensive set of educational solutions for the classroom, tourist attractions from textbooks to educational technology and evaluation systems based on the curriculum for students and educators. HMH also publishes an extensive line of reference books, as well as literature for adults and youth that has been recognized with numerous industry awards.

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