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Federico Brito Figueroa

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Federico Brito Figueroa (La Victoria, November 2, 1921 – Caracas, 28 April 2000) was a Marxist historian and anthropologist Venezuela.
Brito was a member of the National Democratic Party (NDP, which is then transformed into Democratic Action) since 1936, and later with the division on the left, the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), along with Sunday Maza Zavala and Luis Miquilena.
In 1946 he entered the National Pedagogical Institute for the title of professor in social sciences. Travel to Mexico and there studied at the National School of Anthropology and History with Wenceslao Roces and Francois Chavalier, graduating as a teacher of anthropology and ethnologist. Return to Venezuela in 1959 after the fall of Marcos Perez Jimenez, and entered the Central University of Venezuela in order to graduate as a licensed doctor of History and Anthropology. His thesis work is called the economic structure of colonial Venezuela, written in 1963 and published in 1978.
“Throughout his life written over 30 books and is recognized with numerous national and international awards, including the Municipal Prose Prize, the Andres Bello Prize, awarded by the mention History Writers Association of Venezuela, the National History Award of the National Academy of History and the Casa de las Americas Prize for his book Venezuela century. ” (From Personality Faces and Venezuela, page 245)
Key points of his work are slavery, of the federal war Venezuelan Ezequiel Zamora, and economic and social history of the colony.
His work has influenced the thinking of Hugo Chavez citation needed .

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